urea prilled vs granular

Urea is commonly used, it looks similar, but many careful friends will find that the packaging of urea has large particles, small particles of labeling, for these two kinds of urea, how to choose? No matter the particle size, the total content of urea must be greater than or equal to 46.4%. Second, the size of urea particles mainly affects the solubility. Small particles of urea will dissolve faster and the effect will be faster. Third, urea contains a certain amount of biuret. Biuret harm to the growth and development of crops is relatively large, the general biuret content of large particles is relatively small, so the safety of large particles of urea is better than small particles of urea, fourth, because small particles of urea volume is small, and the area in contact with the air is large, because it is easier to be damp and inconvenient to transport, so you want to long-distance transportation or long-term storage. It is recommended to choose large granular urea. Our company h…

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