Thread Carriage Bolts for sale

Product Description Spiral screws (DIN 603) - Stainless steel (A 4) have the following features: 1. Lightning M10 (10 mm) (T) It's 4.62 mm - 5.38 mm head size (h) Manufactured by DIN 603 standard Length (L) Stainless steel material for ships (a 4) Material used: stainless steel boat (a 4) Distance: 1.5 millimeters. The effects are very natural. Diameter Headphones 23.35mm - 24.65mm (D) Metric system or imperial system. The square is 5.4 mm long - 6.6 mm (P). The width of the Angle 9.42 mm - 10.58 mm A over F of B Learn more about truck lines The transport bolts are suitable for use and require a strong mounting solution for wood and metal. The bolts have a full spindle and the bottom of the head when using corner holes or tightening soft material (wood etc) to lock in place. All the bolts produced by DIN 603 are in diameter from M5 to M16 the length of the bolts from 12 mm to 300 mm. Material It is a product in hardware tools All standard made of stainless st…

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