Test Instruments

DN03 Coriolis Mass Flowmeter | Flow Meters
Tempu08 Single Use USB Temperature Data Loggers
SF-420 Electronic Coffee Kitchen scale with timer function
VIS coated N-BK7 double concave lens
Countdown timer Digital large screen timer Kitchen timer
Uncoated Optical glass N-BK7 windows
Magnesium Fluoride MgF2 coated Double-Concave Lenses (DCV)
SCF-01 Bakery Food Kitchen Scale Digital Coffee Scale
CNG dispenser Coriolis mass flowmeter without readout
IOT Valve Control Water Meters Ceramic Valve | Water Meters
Straight Through Joint and Insulation Joint | Pressure Gauges
SF-100 180Kg Bathroom Weighing Body Fat Scale
ATEX approved Coriolis mass flowmeter
SF-188 electronic household baby scale infant weighing scale
temperature humidity controller Temperature Pressure Gauge
Cold Room Instant Read Cooler Refrigerator Thermometer
LCD Display Silicone Spatula Digital Cooking Thermometer
Plano concave cylindrical lenses
SF-918 300kg electronic mini crane hanging weigh scale
FC-50 50g x 0.001g Precision Scales Gold Jewelry | Weighing Scales
I2000 kitchen stainless steel scale | Weighing Scales
gas density sf6 gas analyzer with local indicator
Single-Sided Supply Gas Control Panel
SF-411 3kg Food Diet cheap Digital Kitchen Scale
Precision mini - valuation portable electronic scale
300kg portable portable weighing machine
High precision baking balance
Intelligent room floor heating Thermostat
Digital multimeter colorful screen multimeter
Germanium Infrared Ge aspheric lens | Lenses
SF-303 Stainless Steel 5000G Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale | Weighing Scales
Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) Plano-Convex (PCX) Lenses
Laser grade fused silica broadband cylinder lens
10mm diameter High index ball and half ball
SF-500 Battery Food Scale Digital Lcd Kitchen Scale
5Kg food weight nutrition electronic digital kitchen scale
Uncoated Calcium Fluoride Aspheric lenses
SF-884 200kg/50g LCD Display Digital Postal Scale
300 mm Diameter hemisphere dome for underwater camera
PMMA fresnel lens for projector | Lenses

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