Other Chemicals

HIC Chromatography Media UniHR Phenyl-30S | Other Chemicals
Iron Oxide 920 330 Powder Pigment
Titanium Dioxide Rutile R996 R972 R982 R108
Organic Chemical Solvent Ethyl Acetate
Metal-chelate Affinity Chromatography Media NanoMAB 5L
Low Temperature Carrier Dymalev DM-2302E
NF3 Nitrogen Trifluoride CAS: 7783-54-2 99.5% High Purity for Electronic erching Special Gas
High Purity Carbon Black N330 N660 For Refractory
Organic Chemistry 1-hexene Colorless Liquid | Other Chemicals
Industrial Chemical Isobutylene Colourless Gaseous | Other Chemicals
Alkali-resist wetting agent Wetmatic DM-1228
Boron-10 B-10 Stable Isotope Materials Nuclear Safety Materials
Fluorinated Graphene CAS: 51311-17-2 New Energy Nattery Materials Anti-Wear lubrication applications
Mogolia Chenhongli C155 PVC Paste For Glove
Counterpart for Dow Corning 5700
Caustic Soda Flake And Pearl 99%
Sinopec Brand Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA 088-50
C4F6 Perfluorobutadiene CAS:685-63-2 4N 99.99% High Purity For Semiconductor etching
Poly Aluminium Chloride For Public Water Treatment Plant | Other Chemicals
Bath lubricant anticreasing agent Dymacre RST-2 | Other Chemicals
Petroleum Resin C5 C9 For Adhesive
Lutensol TO counter isomeric alcohol ethoxylates
Hydrophilic lubricant Dymalube DM-3261
Chrome Green Oxide for PVC and Refractory
Fluorographite CAS:11113-63-6 Battery Cathode Material Solid Lubricating MaterialsAnti-Corrosion and Anti-Fouling Paint
68% Min Shmp Sodium Hexametaphosphate
White Powder Pvb Resin Polyvinyl Butyral Resin
High Quality Caustic Soda Flakes 98%
Ethylene Based PVC SINOPEC S1000 K65 67 | Other Chemicals
Boron11 Trifluoride Semiconductor Dopant Semiconductor Dry Etching | Other Chemicals
Xenon Difluoride CAS: 13709-36-9 XeF2 99.999% 5N For Semiconductor Etching
Industrial Grade Organic Sodium Methylate
APG Alkyl polyglucosides series
Polyvinyl Chloride Resin SG8 for Cable Manufacturing
new organophosphorus pesticides Azamethiphos
Soaping agent Washmatic DM-1572
Organic Solvent N-Hexane with 99% Puirty
Boron tribromide 11 Semiconductor Industry Dopants Organic synthesis catalyst
Sequestering agent Quesmatic DM-8108 | Other Chemicals

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