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Date 2021/04/12
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ZGAR brand was founded in 2019. Our team is from Hong Kong. From 2012 to 2018, our electronic cigarette trade was centered on Hong Kong and also all over the world. After years of operation, we have our own product design concept. Then we started our own brand. ZGAR came from "CIGAR", which means "cigar". ZGAR really makes products with ingenuity and provides customers with various of customized choices. From the "GenkiIppai V5" of exotic cultures and the Ice Max "AbsoluteZero V5", to the vape players' favorite "AbsoluteZero BINGO", "ZGAR AZ BOX", and the "AbsoluteZero S1", which is an early adopter, it can meet the different needs of different customers for flavors. To bring the healthy vape lifestyle of atomizer to all of the world, insists on promoting innovation with consumers demand, and provides customers with safe and reliable atomizer products. In order to create a win-win open cooperation, and provide long-term development value for agent partners, Finally…

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