Zhejiang Nanhua Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Location China
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Date 2020/10/29
Address Quzhou China

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Nanhua Technology was established in Shenzhen in 2004. The company has authoritative technical experts in the industry and engineering and technical management personnel with many years of R&D and production experience, as well as a complete scientific research institution, advanced The company is committed to and focusing on the R&D and production of precision resistance strain gauges and high-precision load cells, providing customers with products with leading technology and long-term stable performance. The resistance strain gauges produced by our company include four categories of phenolic, epoxy-phenolic, polyetheretherketone film, and polyimide film. There are hundreds of varieties and are widely used. Special stress analysis and various types of sensors in machinery, construction, electronics, medical and other industries. We organize the production of strain gauges strictly in accordance with the GB/T13992-92 standard to ensure product quality.…

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