Silicone Structural Sealant Building Construction Sealant

SS521 is a one-component, neutral curing, silicone structural sealant designed for structural bonding and sealing of glass, aluminum curtain walls, glass lighting roofs and metal structural engineering. It has excellent structural bonding properties and weathering resistance. After the artificial accelerated weathering test, there is no obvious change in the physical and chemical properties of the sealant. Use a glue gun to squeeze the glue from the sealant cylinder to the part that needs to be bonded and sealed. The sealant absorbs moisture in the air at room temperature and solidifies into an elastomer to form a seal. 1. Product features One-component, neutral curing, non-corrosive to metal and coated glass; Excellent weathering resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance, and water resistance; Good high and low temperature resistance, little change in performance in the range of -30℃~90℃; Excellent adhesion to most building materials; It has good compatibility w…

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