30" big screen Gaming All in one PC

30" big screen Gaming All in one PC Digital enthusiasts should all know that the all in one pc 30 inch big screen with fish screen has an irreplaceable position in the eyes of gamers. Because the mainstream games on the market, APEX and other masterpieces, all support the H30inch with fish screen. Therefore, when using the ElieKen 30 inch all in one desktop computer with fish screen to play these games, players can see a wider perspective, which not only helps players seize better opportunities, but also brings a cooler game experience and full immersion. The top player designer 30 inch all in one computer, all in one PC black 2K with fish screen 21:9, super large screen for designer computer, game computer, office computer all in one computer, optional configuration i5-10400/8G/512G or i5-10500 /16G/512G. Product Description 8H300 i5-10400 Size 720*400*32*27mm…

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