Henan Yongrong Power Co., Ltd

Location China
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Date 2021/12/26
Address Xuchang China

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Henan Yongrong Power Co., Ltd, located in south of Weiwu road, Changge, Henan, China, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and production of stator & rotor lamination and iron core for electric motors and generators. Our products are widely used in Nuclear Power Wind Power, Hydro Power, Marine, Mining, Petrochemical, Rail transportation, New Energy Automobile and other fields. Yongrong possesses advanced equipment, including fully automatic high-speed progressive punch, CNC high speed single slot notching punch, stator stacking&pressing machine, rotor aluminum die casting machine. We also introduced robot intelligent production line, adopted progressive die high speed continuous punching process, realized automatic production, the annual production capacity can over 100,000 tons, and has been one of the main domestic production bases of high efficiency motor iron core.

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