Used Tsudakoma Water Jet Loom

Used Tsudakoma Water Jet Loom "ZW8100" is based on ultra-high-speed performance, and seeks to optimize the design of the frame structure, beating-up mechanism, and shedding device. At the same time, it is equipped with the newly developed short-spacing nozzle to further improve the weft insertion performance. As a result, the high-speed performance surpassed the original loom by more than 10%. Air Jet Loom Second-Hand Rapier Loom Through the strong frame structure, strengthened warp let-off, and shortened weaving path, the beating-up performance is greatly improved, and the high-speed and high-quality are realized at a higher level. In addition, the use of PSS-W parking gear prevention control can effectively reduce the parking gear. Air Jet Loom Equipped with Weave Navigation® System, and give full consideration to operability. With the Navi keyboard, almost all setti…


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