Sodium Citrate Food Grade Acidity Regulator

Food additive is a kind of substance to improve the food color, taste or prolong its preservative time,  Normally food additives list is well known such as stabilizer for food, emulsifier for food and flavor enhance etc. With regard to acidity regulator, which meaning i.e. acidity regulator meaning pH regulator, there are many foods acidity regulators for such purpose,  We Wuhan Ruisunny Chemical Co., Ltd has been focusing on trading of such chemicals as Calcium hypochlorite, Trichloroisocyanuric acid, Ammonium bicarbonate, Sodium hydroxide, Hydrogen peroxide and Silane etc. since 2007. We hereby have following details for the product as: Sodium citrate  is one kind of food additive , which used in foods for acidity regulators. Sodium citrate is colorless or white crystal and crystalline powder. It is inodorous and taste salt, cool. It will loss crystal water at 150° C and decompose at more high temperature. It dissolves in ethanol.…

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