Binder for Coal Sodium Lignosulfonate Liquid

Sodium Lignosulphonate Liquid The sodium lignosulphonate liquid, which is prepared from straw and wood mix pulp black liquor through filtration, sulfonation, concentration and spray drying, and is a powdery low air-entrained set retarding and water reducing admixture, belongs to an anionic surface active substance, has absorption and dispersion effect on the cement, and can improve various physical properties of the concrete. Sodium Lignosulphonate Liquid Other Names: Lignosulphonate Liquid Chemical Formula: C20H24Na2O10S2 CAS Number: 8061-51-6 HS Code: 38040000 Packaging : 200KG Drum/ IBC / Flexitank Liquid lignosulfonate is around 45%min solid content ,have 2 grads according to its pH, Grad one ph 4-6,grad two pH 7-8. Sodium Lignosulfonate Concrete Superplasticizer. Sodium lignosulfonate has been successfully used in -concrete, ceramics, animal feed, cat litter adhesive, mineral adhesive, road dust removal and so on. 1.Concrete Admixtures 2.Ceramic A…

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