Frozen King Oyster Mushroom-600G

King oyster mushrooms are the largest in the oyster mushroom family. They’re also known as king trumpet mushrooms or French horn mushrooms. What do they taste like? What’s unique about King oyster mushrooms vs other mushrroms in the mushroom family? What do King oyster mushrooms taste like? The flavor is earthy, and very savory. This variety of mushroom is known for its intense umami flavor. Some people say they have a subtle flavor of anise (black licorice) on the finish. What is the texture of King oyster mushrooms? King oyster mushrooms are very meaty and almost tough. Expect a tougher texture than most mushrooms. This also makes this variety a great choice for a meat substitute. You can shred it up and coat in barbecue sauce for a tasty vegan sandwich. How to store and clean them That's what we exactly do for you, totally cleaned mushrooms and ready to be cooked as you want. What you need to do-…

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